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Small Changes That Lead To Big Results



Stop spinning your wheels and be more effective with your time

Many people and companies try to make changes with large overhauls. They try and wipe the slate clean and do a 180 overnight. 


The problem with this is it rarely sticks or people are too overwhelmed with all the new tools and tactics that they don't know where to start - so they never do. 


Based on the principle of mini habits, I deliver tangible ways to create incremental change to make you and your team high-performers. 



Intrigued? You should be! 

Contact me to learn what small changes can make a big impact in your life

Stop shoulding all over yourself 



Pay attention to how often you think or talk about all the things you 'should' be doing.

You'll be shocked at how frequent it is, and when you start paying attention, how toxic it is.

It completely discredits all that you are doing.


Work with me to create a plan and a system for accomplishing all you want to so you can drop the shoulds. 


Incremental Change That Actually Sticks


For anyone who is wanting more order and efficiency in their personal and/or professional life, I offer individual services to do just that. 


Receive permission to be a little more in control of your  time.


Staying organized by yourself is hard enough, let alone trying to organize and coordinate a team. My services will facilitate effective productivity tools and tactics to get your team on track. 

Get synced with each other and with your operations. 


Sarah Songa 

Songa Designs

"As someone whose strength lies in looking at things from a 30,000-foot view, Rachel's expertise in processes and diving into the small details is a true gift. She helped organize complicated international shipping procedures for me and my international staff. With her help, we were able to implement a streamlined process that helped minimize confusion across all departments. I highly recommend her if you need organization in your daily tasks!" 

Jill Felska

Want To Work There

"I've always been a big ideas person - I can see where I want to be, but am not always clear on the most effective way to get there. Rachel naturally thinks in systems and was able to break my big picture plan into manageable, structured deliverables that help me move forward and focus on the right things every day. I couldn't recommend her more to anyone who could use a little more order and clarity in their life!"


I live for logic and efficiency. I want the world to operate smarter and smoother and would love to bring this philosophy to help improve your daily life.


My superpower is distilling chaos​


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